Martineau’s meet the snow…

landen snow - christmas 2011

So this year for Christmas we decided to pack up the kids and trek it to Colorado to hang with our friends. For sanity’s sake we decided to break the drive into two days. The kids were awesome and we rolled into town Wednesday night just before it dumped a bunch of snow.

We got up this morning and headed out to play in the snow. Didn’t take long for the kids to realize the importance of gloves and NOT getting snow down the back… Mom stayed inside with the heater but the rest of us had a blast getting cold… Maddie and Easton got a little creative after every one else came inside.

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Everybody loves family pictures…

family pics 2011 mom and dad

It’s that time of year again… Yep, crazy shopping, writing lame christmas letters, and taking family pictures… Okay, for us the whole family pictures thing happens about every other week, but what are you gonna do?

This year we had our friend take our pics and she did an awesome job! You should check her out over at Anyway, we’re pretty excited with the results. And yes, our kids are crazy and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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There may be multiple ways to eat an oreo, but there’s only one way to eat a donut…

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Turkey Day at The Kelton Ranch

maddie t-day 2011

This year we headed up to The Kelton Ranch for Turkey Day and we had a blast. The kids always love spending the day up there riding quads, horses, and pretty much doing whatever they want.

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Run Chandler, Run…

We dared Chandler to test Ketch’s skills with a rope…

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koen halloween 2011

We love Halloween and this year was no exception. The girls were witches, Koen was Optimus Prime, Braden was Captain America and Landen didn’t want to be anything… What are you going to do?

We had a blast and the kids scored enough candy to keep them sick until next year…

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General Conference

peyton temple conference

My brother Scott and I decided kinda last second to hoof it up to Utah for General Conference and take our oldest kiddos along. It was awesome!

Grandma and Grandpa happened to be in from Africa, Aunt Emily made the trek too, we got to hang out with Bret, Naomi, Craig, and Tenery. The girls got into a couple sessions of conference and absolutely loved it.

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